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Nature is one of balance.  Everything has its counterpart which allows for the natural flow of things.  For every yin, there is a yang.

The M/s relationship falls into this category.  We often refer to the power exchange as the basis of these relationships.  But, we also notice that each person compliments the other.  Individuals in this lifestyle tend to be at the far end of the spectrum.  We lean towards being absolute in terms of either domination or submissiveness.  The tendency to desire a split within ourselves is not common.

Each person in these relationships fulfills the other.  It is impossible to submit without having one to submit to.  Also, one cannot dominate unless there is someone to control.  When alone, each is an individual; when together there is fulfillment.

There is also a balance of power.  The total power exchange is done with the Western view of power-strength, aggression, and domination.  A submissive gives up this masculine form of power willingly.  However, she still retains the feminine power which includes adaptability, negotiation, and consensual submissiveness.  Goreans will recognize the two powers Norman described.  Each form of power lends itself to the fulfillment of the other.

Those of us in this lifestyle understand that it is not a one-sided relationship.  A slave who is not having her needs met will tend to wither and die (figuratively speaking).  Her value comes from her ability to serve her Master; it is also where her pleasure comes from.  Abusive Masters overlook this simple yet imperative concept.  The natural order of things necessitates both parts for success.

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