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People look at the M/s relationship as something entirely different than it is.  The key word in this arrangement is relationship.  Somehow individuals approach this way of life completely different than they do all other aspects.  It seems that since we are indulging in an exchange of power, that the basic skills acquired in approaching relationships is forsaken.

Of all the relationships which I was in, the biggest cause of their failure was basic incompatibility.  People seem to overlook this vital component when entering into these situations.  They gravitate to someone who meets the M/s aspect, yet ignore the fact that they are totally incompatible with each other.

A question to ask is “if this were not a M/s relationship, would I hang out with this person?”.  That is the basis for a long-term arrangement; absent this, the situation will tend to be short-term.  Is it any wonder that most Master/slave relationships end after only a few months?  It is difficult to interact with people where there is nothing in common.

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