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The ability to be consistent is a sign that one is on the path to emotional mastery. Those who are immature tend to have inconsistent habits and responds. Predicting their behavior is almost impossible. While this is an endearing quality while one is young, it becomes a liability as we age. It can affect all areas of our life.

One who seeks to be an effective Master should strive for the consistency reflected in the mature. The responsibility which goes along with owning a slave is tremendous. A slave depends on consistent behavior from his/her Master. This is one of the bedrock upon which her trust is built. An immature person does not have the ability to properly control another. As mentioned in other entries, one needs first to learn how to control oneself.

Slaves operate the best when they are aware of the parameters that are established by the Master. I have found that a slave can operate within any criteria set up as long as he or she knows what they are. A Master needs to be diligent to ensure that the actions reflect the words spoken. Maintaining discipline within the relationship is one area where this is evident. Behavior will be modeled effectively when one knows what the consequences of actions are. However, when there is uncertainty, a slave’s actions can be equally as inconsistent.

Consistency is a result of proper planning and foresight. It is a Master’s responsibility to set up the training for the slave. This entails determining what the needs are while creating a plan for his/her growth. Constantly changing directions based upon new ideas shows a lack of control over one’s mindset. Again, slaves will pick up on this and begin to question.

Focus all your attention on being consistent in all interactions with your slave.

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