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It is always wonderful to see someone tap into their inner essence of servitude. The submission process in these instances is one of the most natural things to witness. For a slave who truly belongs in this lifestyle, submitting is as effortless as breathing. There is simply no resistance when one is armed with the internal knowledge about oneself.

Why do people fight submission? Part of it stems from the negative connotation which it has in out society. Power and control are the qualities values by most cultures today. Also, service is frowned upon as done by people who are lower on the class scale. It is not something which is revered.

I will be the first to acknowledge that most people do not belong in the M/s relationship. There are only a limited few who have the natural inclination to “turn it all over”. Nevertheless, when working with one of these individuals, the process is a pleasure to watch. Typically, the submission occurs quickly and deeply. The tendency to hold back is removed.

As always, we like to stress that a bit of caution is healthy. This is true when at the stage of choosing a Master. Learning all one can about that person is part of the process before one should submit to Him/Her. Yet the inner search will reveal quickly if one is designed for this lifestyle. This newfound knowledge causes one to thirst for more. That person is finally home.

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