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The success of the M/s relationship depends on the quality of the people involved. If there are two outstanding people who get together, the chances of the relationship succeeding is heightened. At the same time, the opposite is also true. Individuals who lack character tend to lead chaotic lives regardless of the lifestyle they choose.

Many ask what is it that makes One a good Master? What are the qualities that one needs to seek in finding her One? To me, the answer lies in the quality of the person in question. An individual with unappealing characteristics will not suddenly change because He entered into the M/s way of life. The same goes for slaves. Just because one is submissive does not ensure that she will be a good slave. Is this person of character to begin with.

It is common to see people overlook the qualities they like when seeking out a Master or slave. Like any other relationship, there needs to be a degree of attraction above and beyond the physical. What is it that you like about this person? Is He or she someone that is worthy of pride and admiration? Does this person have the traits which are important to you? These questions seem to be overlooked.

I have found that looking at the rest of a person’s life will reveal a great deal about Him or her. It is impossible to hide a lack of integrity, trust, compassion, or sincerity. Like the old saying, sober up a drunken horse thief and you still have a thief. Seek to examine the way a person lives in general. What does that tell you about the person? If this were a common relationship, absent of the M/s, would you deal with this person? It might be best to move on if you answer this negatively.

Quality people have quality relationships. Seek to surround yourself with those of high character. This goes for the One you are submitting to or the one that you are receiving. It will improve the chances of a successful relationship.

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