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This seems to be an area which creates a lot of resistance. The idea of being completely under someone else’s control is not a comfortable concept for most. Even the truest of slaves find themselves resisting this initially. Giving all one’s power over to another person is something that takes a bit of time to adjust to.

Obviously, for this to be successful, one must have a great deal of trust for the person she is submitting to. This seems like a straightforward thing but it can get complicated. Trust is an individual issue. What breaks that trust with one might have a different effect on another. However, trust is a part of all relationships, even outside the boundaries of M/s.

The Master/slave relationship resembles most other relationships with the exception being the dividing of power. In this lifestyle, a slave willing gives all power over to her Master. This is done because of His position as the Master but also because she feels He warrants it. Of course, this provides Him with a great deal of responsibility, something that many overlook. The one-sidedness in this area is what separates a M/s from a D/s. In the later, power is retained in specifically agreed upon areas.

I found the more a slave knows her potential Master, the easier it is to give her power over to Him. Also, the experience that He has tends to calm her uneasiness. When she knows that her Master knows how to handle different situations, the better she feels about giving all her power away. Remember, slaves desire to serve completely. However, if they feel that One is incapable of handling His end of the relationship, she will have some hesitation.

Finally, abusers of power rarely keep a relationship going. For them, it seems to revolve around sex. This is where they focus most of the attention. While sex is a wonderful aspect of the M/s lifestyle, there is so much more to it. Properly training a slave requires have the internal control to use power wisely. Sometimes punishments are warranted. Other times, it is best to show some compassion for Your slave. This is where being able to control One’s emotions is critically important. The goal is to have a slave learn and grow. Using the most productive method to that end is crucial.

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