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This is the most common question which I receive. Why aren’t there more Masters available? Sadly, this is a question that is based in fact. There are very few true Masters out there. Most that people come across are pretenders. This is equally true online as well as in the real world. Masters seem to be at a premium based upon my observation. But why is this?

I believe there are three reasons why this is.

1. Societal conditioning:

Mentioned a few days ago in a post, our culture does not value the dominant trait. It claims that this is what it wants yet the truth is equality is what is sought after. The total power exchange is something which the 21st century culture feels to be wrong.

2. Not willing to take the time to learn:

Most seem unwilling to invest the necessary time and resources into learning what this lifestyle is all about. It is much easier to claim to be a Master than to read and study what it is that makes One an effective Master. Being a Master includes taking on a lot of responsibility, something that most shun. Most believe that being physically dominant is what controlling is about. They fail to realize the psychological side to this way of life. The tendency is to try to turn the M/s relationship into a one-way benefit. It is not. Anyone who spends the required time doing some research will quickly learn this.

3. Social Outcasting:

Most do not have the internal self confidence to go against the normal course of behavior. The M/s lifestyle is an alternative lifestyle. People who enter this risk being put off by those closest to Him. Many falsely believe that this is something only in the gay culture; thus holding it against someone who wants to enter it. Many are looked down upon when others hear that He is a Master. They believe that One should be jailed for such practice. At a minimum, the person will be ignored, sometimes by those closest to Him. This is a peril that all who enter this way of life run.

These are just a few of the reason I have seen as to why so many avoid this lifestyle. It is something which really distorts the numbers. Attend any gathering where there are true people involved in M/s relationships and one will see how many more slaves there are than Masters.

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