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There is great debate about the difference between a sub and a slave. Is there a difference? Does one have a deeper commitment level? Does being a submissive type make one cut out to be a slave?

It is my belief that when one submits, she does so 100%. Partial submission is not possible. However, there are defined areas where it is determined the submission will take place. For example, the couple may decide that the sub retains control over her career while giving all non-working hours to her Dom. In the area that she submitted, it was 100%. He controls those areas completely. There is a total power exchange with regards to those situations.

That being said, I do believe there is a difference in the commitment level between the two. Subs tend to have more control over their lives because they retained that control. There are lots of areas that are “off-limits” to the Master or Dom. Yet the slave gives her Master control over every area. Of course, there still can be situations where a slave does maintain some control. Family might be a prime example. Keeping oneself healthy is also something that a slave needs to do for herself.

So if one is submissive, it does not mean that person is destined to be a slave. In fact, it is my experience that very few are truly cut out for the M/s lifestyle. Their submissiveness tends to be more in the sexual arena. Giving up control there is a turn-on. However, obedience in other areas is not desired. These individuals fail to have that overwhelming urge to serve. Only a true slave has this contained within her.

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