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Would you walk into someone’s house and steal his or her television set?  For most people, this is something they never would even think about engaging in.  The same can be said for taking another’s car, clothing, or money.  Blatant stealing is a practice that the majority of people will not engage in.  Their code of conduct forbids it.

However, I have noticed how the same person who would not engage in this will quickly change when it comes to a slave.  It is important to remember that a slave who submits to a Master becomes His property.  She has the same owned position as anything else He has in His possession.  Experienced Masters understand this since they have owned before.  Yet it always amazes Me to see One approach a slave to try to coax her away.

I witnessed this behavior recently.  One was talking to an owned slave who’s Master happens to be some distance away.  This “Master” proceeded to tell this woman how much she is missing by not having One who is closer.  He was putting the “moves” on her even after knowing that she was owned by Another.  Evidently, this person has no problem trying to take another man’s property.

I have been in the position of having a slave taken from Me.  It is a practice that is deplorable by those who proclaim to be true people in the M/s world.  This shows how pretenders can come in all forms.  One cannot reasonably expect to lead another when she knows that He is sneaky and manipulative.  Honesty seems to be a trait that many slaves value.  Those who steal from another tends to lack in that department.

Fortunately, in the previous situation, the slave was experienced enough to recognize what was transpiring.  However, new people might not be so astute to the circumstances.  So if you are new to this lifestyle and get approached in this manner, tell the person to leave you alone.  He is not someone that is to be taken seriously.  Even if He has some valid points, it is not His decision.   The M/s world needs to stamp out the manipulators the best it can.

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