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What makes a good slave?  This is a subjective question.  It depends upon the criteria of the Master who is making the decision.  What is acceptable to one Master might be unacceptable to another.  Each One will have His own individual things which He deems important.

It is crucial for a slave to determine which tasks a Master feels are more important than others.  Some Masters are extremely militaristic in their approach to life, thus like things completed in a certain order.  Others tend to more creative in their personalities.  They will value a slave’s actions a bit differently.

How is a slave to differentiate what is important?  A basic route to follow is to notice which things a Master mentions first.  Human nature dictates that we will concentrate on that which is most important to us.  It is what gains our focus.  If a Master walks in the door and instantly notices something out of place, it is safe to conclude that order/neatness is crucial to this individual.  However, if a Master enters and fails to notice that the room was repainted, obviously the physical surroundings are high on this One’s priority list.

For me, I continually mention emotional control to all my slaves.  This is a trait that I value.  I want all my slaves to grow by being able to better control their emotional states.  My feeling is this is a key to anyone’s growth.  The more control one has, the better she is able to handle life.  People get themselves in trouble when they fail to harness their emotions.  This is a vital part of my criteria and a way that I rate a slave’s progress.

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