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This is a subject I have discussed in the past yet felt compelled to revisit it.  Recent interaction with new people leads me to write about this again.  It seems to be an area of tremendous confusion with both Masters and slaves.  Clarification is needed to prevent senseless abuse.

Many believe that if a slave fails to complete a particular task, that a punishment is warranted.  My belief is that this is not necessarily true.  It is best to uncover why the activity wasnt completed as desired.  To start, is it something that the slave could accomplish?  Does she has the ability to do what is asked of her?  Secondly, what was the reason for the failure?  Was she being disobedient or was it because of a mistake on her part?  This last point is crucial.  Determining her motivation is what determines the needs for punishment or not.

Punishment is warranted in any situation where a slave is disobedient.  If she is given a task and decides not to do it, all bets are off.  She deserves whatever punishment her Master sees fit.  Her main objective is obedience.  Failure to do so is grounds for an “attitude adjustment”.

Mistakes are a totally different story.  I have met slaves who are routinely disciplined every time they make a mistake.  Their Masters feel they are correcting a situation.  To me this is amateurish.  Any Master who punishes consistently for mistakes is an abuser.  He is not interested in the growth of the slave.  Rather, His motivation is the feeling derived from having the power to punish.  Typically, this is in the form of physical discipline.

There is not a person on the planet who lives error free.  Everyone messes up.  The advantage is that mistakes are often our best teachers.  That is what helps a slave tremendously.  Each time she makes a mistake, that is an opportunity to learn.  Utilize these moments for education rather then discipline.  Of course, if the same mistake is made repeatedly, that might be a sign that it is time to “get her attention”.  Failure to learn a lesson shows a lack of focus.

Be sure to distinguish between a mistake and a slave being disobedient.  A slave’s growth can be stunted if a Master misses this crucial distinction.

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A slave’s desire is to serve. However, one of the simplest ways a slave can increase her value is to realize that her place is to happily serve her Master. Most anyone can serve; yet only a few can do it with the complete willingness to serve in a happy manner. This is what separates slaves in my mind.

Every slave encounters times when her Master asks her to do something that is distasteful to her. Many will question as to why they have to do the particular activity. Of course, this is not her business. A slave’s place is to know what needs to be done, not why. The exception being is if her Master wants her to have this information.

Many will do what is asked for them. Nevertheless, they do so with an attitude which makes seem like a disgruntled child. Doing an activity while pouting the entire time is another form of trying to “control from the bottom”. In essence, she is trying to let her feelings be known how much she dislikes that activity in hopes that Master will change His mind in the future. As a Master, this is really frustrating to me. For those with children, I am sure you can identify.

A slave who willingly goes along with all her Master requests has more value to me. Completing a particular task is one thing; doing it with an upbeat attitude is quite another. It is this which enhances the pleasure a Master will enjoy. A slave who is disgruntled is focusing on her desires (the dislike she has) instead of her Master’s desires. She is making her feelings more important than His. Technically, she is being obedient in following His orders. Yet her lack of enthusiasm shows her concern for herself. This is a misguided focus on the slave’s part.

The sexual arena is a prime example of this. It is common for a Master to want to share His slave sexually. This may include sharing with His friend or perhaps having her engage with another woman. I often hear slaves who state they will go along with it since that is “what Master wants”. Again, the fact that they are focused on their own fears, insecurities, and desires is evident. If it gives your Master pleasure for you to pleasure others, that should be something that one readily approaches. A slave should be able to picture the enjoyment on her Master’s face. Isn’t that what a slave who deeply yearns to serve craves? Those who happily served their Master agree with that idea.

So where is your focus? Are you willing to happily serve your Master in all areas? When you are rejecting an idea, who’s pleasure and welfare are you concerned with? The answers to these questions will enable one to re-evaluate how she is looking at something. Often, this is the change in perspective which is required to enable her to happily accomplish whatever her Master sets out for her.

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