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From my research the appears to be very little written about the responsibility that a Master has to a slave. When one submits to her Master, what can she expect in return? Should she have some expectations? Is the fact that she gave up all control and decisions mean that she has no criteria to “grade” her Master on? How does she know if she is getting a fair shake in the relationship? These are all questions that can be answered when one looks at the responsibility that a Master has to a slave.

A Master is to provide His slave(s) with the necessities of life. This can occur in many forms depending upon the nature of the relationship that is chosen. Obviously, we are going to focus upon the real world interactions, not those that exist online.

In an ideal situation, a Master would provide the food, clothing, and shelter for His slave(s). For this to occur, there needs to be the financial wherewithal to support in this manner. In this era this is something that few can offer. Most households require dual incomes to survive. Therefore, many slaves are put in a position of having to work. The income is needed to contribute to the overall financial health of her Master. Naturally, even those all resources earned are given to the Master, He is responsible for ensuring that the slave has the basics for survival.

After the basics, what else is a Master responsible for ? It is He who sets to course for the relationship. All training of the slave is at His discretion. My belief that a Master is to make a slave more valuable as her time in servitude progresses. A slave who is not growing is depreciating in worth with each passing year. One will want to increase her capabilities as they fit into the needs of His life. The more that she can handle, the more value she has.

My experience is that much of a slave’s training initially deals with matters inside her. The most common attribute of new slaves is they appear to overwhelmingly have low self-esteem. As a Master, one of my first priorities is to do all I can to lift one’s esteem. Slaves who have low self-respect tend to need more attention to complete tasks than those who believe in themselves. A high self regard and servitude are not exclusive terms. They can go together. In fact, the best slaves are those who have a deep-felt knowledge of their self worth. They are the ones who have the confidence to complete a task assigned to them.

Finally, a Master needs to help His slave overcome fear. Those of you who regularly read this blog know that I believe fear is a lousy way to control. It has no place in the M/s lifestyle. Slaves also tend to have a lot of fear within them. Many have been abused psychologically by poor Masters. Others seem to have let the trials and tribulations of life get the best of them. Still others just seem to be afraid of all that is out there. Regardless of where it came from, a Master needs to alleviate the fear within a slave. Her growth is stunted when she is consumed with this. Healthy individuals need to progress emotionally. A slave is no exception. All relationships are improved the more the individuals grow.

One other thing that a Master should not overlook: His own personal development. I have seen many who were intimidated by their slaves progress. Since they were not concentrating on expanding their capabilities, the slave ended up desiring more. He was not able to provide it. A Master needs to realize that without growth, there is stagnation. This is another word for death. The success of the relationship often hinges on this single point.

This is by no means all that a Master is responsible for. However, this is a basis that seems to be in all successful M/s relationships I have come across.

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