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Many get in this lifestyle thinking this is the answer to all of life’s problems. Unfortunately, it is not. Life still happens. Masters need to be especially attentive to life. We simply cannot overlook our obligations because one submits to us. There needs to be the proper balance in our lives to handle each situation.

The tendency to focus on something new is basic among humans. We like the excitement that comes with anything that is different. A new slave fits into this category. On the reverse side, slaves experience the same sensations when they first submit. The desire to interact with a Master is great. One might have the thirst for talking/chatting with a slave throughout the entire day. Of course, this can have some adverse effects depending on One’s place in life.

Few of us are in the position where we can overlook something such as work. This is a responsibility which we need to attend to. Also, family obligations exist regardless of what type of lifestyle W/we pursue. Kids still need our attention and care. This entire situation gets magnified when One owns multiple slaves. The time required to assist each in her progress becomes a continual juggling act. This is where a Master needs to know when to step back.

Often, I will turn off my computer for an evening to the dismay of my slaves. It is something that I need to do. When they call, I will be brief with my conversations. Some will understand that I need this “me time”. Some, unfortunately, do not grasp this concept. Nevertheless, it is something that I need to do. There are a lot of different responsibilities which I carry. For me to be effective, I need to do what is best for my conditioning.

Do not overlook the details of Your life. Failure to do this will come back with negative consequences. Owning a slave(s) can be one of the most exciting things in our lifestyle. However, the challenges can be daunting. Each will want to occupy Your time. And when they don’t receive the attention, they will begin to feel that You are angry or upset with them. This is the inferiority conditioning that many slaves initially have. As a Master, I need to focus on all involved. This includes not only my slaves, but also my business associates, work personnel, family members, and spiritual comrades. Overlooking these other people will cause a lot of rift in my life.

Masters need to take charge. Whatever the reason for Your decisions, make sure You are using sound reasoning when attending to Your different activities. Sometimes a slave just needs to accept that she needs to wait. I find those who have experienced a fair amount of growth handle this with more understanding than the newer ones. A slave will not agree with every decision her Master makes. This is where One’s leadership abilities come into play. Take charge even when Your selections are not well received. That is part of what being a Master is all about.

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