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I recently was reading some posting on a particular website which discussed how different slaves are treated.  There were some who believed that all slaves are to be treated the same; others who felt that they need to be treated as individuals.  It was a lively discussion which went back and forth.  It is interesting to notice the logic people seem to use when making their arguments.

My experience leads me to believe that a slave needs to be treated as an individual.  This seems contrary to many opinions that are out there.  Unfortunately, as with a great many apects of this lifestyle, common sense goes out the window.  People seem to get into theory more than practicle experience.

Those who have multiple children will understand this perfectly.  Owning multiple slaves is like having multiple kids.  Each has their own personalities and interests.  Depending on the age of each child, a parent will give more or less latitude based upon that age.  A child is not treated the same at 14 as he or she is at 7.  There are different responsibilities each is able to handle.  Certain things work with one child which does not work with the other.  For one child a “C” in school may be the best that one can do.  For the other, a “B” maybe a shortcoming.  Each is treated differently based upon their capabilities.

With slaves, each is capable of different things.  Lets use sex as an example.  Some can do some amazing things in the bedroom.  Their bodies are flexible allowing for a variety of position which another might not be able to attain.  Also, there are different likes which makes it more interesting.  While a slave will adhere to her Masters wishes to allow anal, it is not as enjoyable as doing it with someone who really loves sex that way.  The difference in a slaves desires makes for a different experience.

Pain is another area which exemplifies this.  Some truly love the sensation of leather or other objects against their body.  Again, while a slave’s place is to allow her Master to do whatever He desires, his enjoyment is lessened if it is not something that she truly loves.  She will go along yet will not be as into it as someone who truly loves the pain.  Another difference which will alter a Master’s experience with it.

Experience is also something that dictates a varying of treatment.  Someone who was with a Master for 15 years has a certain rapport with that One as opposed to someone new.  They will know each others behaviors and attitudes.  This will allow for more to be unspoken.  With the new one, everything has to be spelled out.  Trust, a basic component of this lifestyle, is built over time.  The new one needs to earn it just like the older one did.

Managing slaves using the same approach is no more effective than managing people in the work place with this same method.  Each is an individual with different responses to different situations.  Expecting the same out of each is impossible since no two people will ever be at the same place at the same time.  People are individuals, thus necessitating the need to be treated as such.

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A M/s relationship can be a wonderful way of life for many. However, it is not something that will solve all of O/one’s problem. In fact, the M/s relationship will only magnify other issues which are present in a relationship. People who enter this way of life seeking to solve their problems are greatly disappointed.

What makes this lifestyle different from others is the power distribution. Since there is a total power exchange, roles become clearly defined. There is a Master and a slave. Each knows exactly what their responsibilities are. There is no confusion as to which partner is leading or following. The same typically cannot be said in the traditional arena. The lines of “authority” tend to get blurred. They are clear in the M/s relationship.

Individual shortcomings are magnified. Leadership was discussed in the last post. One cannot shirk his responsibility in this area. If He is not capable of leading the relationship, that will become evident. The same is also true for a bad relationship. This will not be made better by transforming into the M/s lifestyle. A good relationship will be enhanced in the same way. All the good qualities of each individual is further magnified. Unfortunately, so are the bad ones.

This is something to really keep in mind when getting involved with another. Someone who is a liar, a cheat, or basically not a good person will make a lousy Master. Submitting to this type of individual is a bad decision. Likewise, having a slave who is less than admirable in terms of her qualities will equally have devastating effects. Character is important in any type of relationship. The M/s situation only magnifies it.

So use your head when entering this way of life. Do not be misled into thinking that it will solve all Y/your problems. In fact, the reverse can be true. It can enhance the problematic areas rather quickly. Many have learned this lesson the hard way.

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