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It seems that the M/s relationsip is one where the Master is the sole recipient of all the pleasure.  Outsiders are led to believe that slaves are the ones who continually give while receiving nothing in return.  While this is how it appears, it is not the case.  In fact, the M/s relationship is one of the most mutually benficial interactions there is.

Any relationsip which is one sided will not last.  For a M/s relationsip to be successful, both parties need to receive.  This seems odd when one views it with unfamilar eyes.  However, slaves have a deep inner desire to serve.  This is something which gives them great fulfillment when allowed to serve.

Also, there is the inbred human characteristic in which all people enjoy the growth process.  We intuitively want to become more.  Growing is what allows us to do that.  A Master who focuses on the growth of His slave will keep her happy and content.  It is those who overlook this vital part of the process who end up with destroyed relationships.  A slave who is growing is usually one who is fulfilled and content.

Remember how important the happiness of both parties is in any relationship.  This will improve the chances of success.

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