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Absolute, or Total, Power Exchange is  a fundamental premise in the M/s relationship.  It is the one factor which separates it from other relationships.  We have discussed this a bit in the past.  However, I see many who are still somewhat confused by this concept.

Every relationship has a distribution of power.  It might be based upon position such as an employer-employee relationship.  This is more often termed authority but it is a form of power.   There is also the power distribution based upon the strength of the individual.  Here the person takes control based upon the individual personality.  An example would be in a friendship where one party is a dominating figure.  Nevertheless, rarely do any relationships exist where all power resides with one side.  Yet this is exactly the makeup of the M/s relationship.

It is a common misconception that a Master has total power over the relationship.  The truth is that He has total authority.  Whether He has full power over it or not is dependent upon the type of person He is.  Authority is granted by the position of Master.  Power is ceded initially by the slave.  Again, if the Master is weak or misuses that power, He might lose it.

New Masters can often fall into this situation.  They mistakenly believe that once a slave submits, He will maintain the power forever.  This is true in the beginning but I have seen many lose it due to weakness.  This is fairly common when One is dealing with an experienced slave.  For whatever reason, the Master tries to trick her into believing that He knows what He is doing.  Sadly, He is transparent in His ability.  The power she initially gave Him will quickly be lost.

Being abusive creates the same results.  Anyone who physically, mentally, or emotionally abuses a slave will lose the power granted.  Some Masters want to believe that being a slave equates to weakness.  It does not.  I have seen more than One make this mistake.

There is authority in being a Master.  That is something which comes along with the position.  It is granted by Your slaves and others who You encounter.  However, the power over a slave is something that You need to maintain.  I found the best way to maintain it is to help her to keep growing.  This will keep a slave happily invovlved in her development.  Failure to do so will result in the ending of the relationship.  Even though there was a Total Power Exchange, this lifestyle is consensual.  Many slaves have the mindset that they cannot leave until they are released.  However, they can make One’s life miserable if they desire.  There is nothing worse than a defiant slave.

Remember, relationships, even where all authority and power resides with one individual, are a two-way street. If both parties are not being mutually satisfied, the relationship will end.  I believe this is one of the reasons why most M/s relationships last only a short-time.

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