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Kitten is always talking about the good stuff, the pleasure she gets from serving Master, the feelings she has about this life and what it means to her as a slave, but what about the other side, as with all things when there is a wonderful side there has to be a down side, this is something kitten thinks many tend to ignore, and it can and often does lead to false hopes and impressions.

An owned slave and sub have not control over their Master/Dom, none what so ever, they control YOU you do not control THEM and that is more apparent when they do something you do not like and wish they wouldn’t. Kitten is not talking sexually, well maybe in a way she is but not sex with you but with another.

How would you react when your Master tells you He is not going to be home for a week as He is seeing another sister/sex partner/friend/ fuck buddy? Do you question Him? Ask why? Wonder why you are not enough for His needs and desires? Do you have a temper tantrum and sulk? All of the above are a sure fire way to either a punishment or if carried on release, you have nothing to say about it, it is not your choice, you are His to do with as He desires but He can and often does wish for more than you and you should be happy for Him, grateful that He is being looked after, and content in the knowledge that you are His and that is enough.

A Master or a Dom more often than not has more than one who serve Him, in today’s society living in a poly house is the exception and not the rule and sometimes it is easier when all the sisters are under the same roof, the feelings that bond a sister together are intensified and if a Master goes to one instead of another then that is not thought of as anything else but natural, but if the Master has many slaves in different houses then His choice on who and what He does becomes an issue with some and that is where you need to look at what you are doing and is this the right step for you, just because He is not with you does not mean He does not own you, He still has control and His rules still stand.

In a vanilla life if your partner was to leave you for a week to be with another He would be accused of having an affair and you would be the wronged party, in this life that is not the case, if you question, sulk, hell in some cases follow and try too interfere then YOU are in the wrong, it is not for you to decide what Master does and who He does it with, that will never be your decision.

So ask yourself these questions

If Master was to leave you for a week to be with another, could you accept it with the grace and happiness Master deserves?

Would you question Him and ask why you were not enough for Him, ask why He needs more that you to satisfy Him , ask what is wrong with you as a slave and where you are failing Him in serving ALL His needs?

Would you welcome Him back with arms open and the knowledge that He still cares, and then try to do all you can to stop Him needing to stray again?

Would you still be there when He returned or would you be a woman scorned and leave?

Would you be the one who believes she can change Him so He needs no others ?

Would you keep reminding Him that He left you for another and how much that hurt and plead with Him not to do it again?

Finally ask, could you cope with Him doing it over and over again?

Kitten knows many see this life as an answer to problems that plague them, its not, it is just another way to live but if new to this then seeing it through rose coloured glasses is not the right way, there are many sides to this life style, not just great sex.

This was submitted by kitten http://akittenone.wordpress.com

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10. The Beach

“Everyone’s done it on the beach. We took it a few steps higher, to the lifeguard chair. It was a lookout over the entire beach, so we could tell if anyone was coming.”

9. The Library

“On the 7th floor in the university library during finals week. Great way to stop studying!”

8. An Open Porch

“On my patio that faced the freeway, and at the time we lived in an apartment complex. It was very exciting!”

7. The Eatery

“On the sink counter in a very fancy hotel restaurant’s men’s room. Still makes me hot to think about it.”

6. Open Field

Can anyone say 50 yard line at a football stadium.

5. Public Pool

“Once on a diving board at my apartment complex swimming pool at 3 a.m. The pool was lit up below us, and the air was filled with the scent of flowering trees…quite intoxicating!”

4. Bolder Boulder
“The time we were on a huge sun-warmed boulder along a mountain stream through the Great Smokey Mountain National Park. Nothing like the great outdoors!”

3. Tourist Stop

“The castle in Prague. My boyfriend and I took the self-guided tour. We went down a staircase and ended up in a very large, empty, dark, stone room. A little spooky, but I would definitely do it again.”

2. On A Boat

“I was taking the ferry from CT to NY and we had sex in the bathroom stall. I was leaning over, and he came in from behind. Another time, we met on our lunch break in a busy parking garage for some back seat fun!”

1. The Grander Canyon

“My husband and I had gone to visit his parents before we got married and since we were staying with them we craved alone time. We took the part of the day to explore the Canyon on our own and ended up in a very exciting outdoor adventure.”

Edited from Men’s Health Magazine.

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Polygomy is a part of the BDSM community. Many need to be aware of this when looking into this way of life. I have encountered too many people who seem to thing that BDSM operates under the same premise as the traditional lifestyle. There, monagamy is the central characteristic in the relationship. It is one man and one woman (or two of a particular sex if it is a same sex situation). This characteristics can change in the BDSM world.

I must state that not all polygomists are into BDSM and, certainly, not all involved in BDSM are polygamists. Polygomy is a lifestlye choice that is separate from BDSM. It just so happens that many invovled in this way of life also choose the polygomy way also.

Many dominants prefer to have multiple submissives. This is especially true when one gets into the realm of M/s. It is not uncommon to find a Master have multiple slaves. Typically, they each will serve Him in a different manner. Some are brought in more for pleasure while others can tend to domestic affairs. I personally had slaves which assisted in my business matters. Each one was performed a different role for me.

Each slave is different. She is her own person with different wants and talents. A Master is mismanaging His resources if He fails to utilize her to the fullest of her abilities. Also, I found each slave likes different things. Obviously, some really enjoy pain while others abhor it. Having multiple slaves allows a Master to full His needs while not abusing one who really is not cut out for something. I feel it is better to engage in a particular fetish, as an example, with one who garners enjoyment out of the same activity. While it is within my right to push one, it could have negative consequences. This is a prime example of where multiple slaves compliment each other.

The key to succeeding in a poly relationship is to not compare yourself with another. This is something that extends past the BDSM and into the poly world. It is best to focus on whether you are getting what you need out of the interaction with your Master. The treatment others receive is of no concern of yours. This is something that is in direct contrast to the teaching of society. However, in the poly world, it is one of the main suggestions for success.

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1. Good chocolate is easy to find.

2. “If you love me you’ll swallow” has real meaning with chocolate.

3. Chocolate satisfies even when it has gone soft.

4. You can make chocolate last as long as you want it to last.

5. If you bite the nuts too hard, the chocolate won’t mind.

6. The word “commitment” doesn’t scare off chocolate.

7. When you have chocolate, it doesn’t keep your neighbors awake.

8. You don’t get hairs in your mouth with chocolate.

9. You can ask a stranger for chocolate without getting your face slapped.

10. With chocolate, size doesn’t matter; it’s always good.

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These Are Not Meant To Scare Anyone!

These are extreme pics which shows one aspect of the BDSM lifestyle. This is what people usually associate with when they think of this way of life. Sadly, most never get past these images to learn what this is all about. While there are some who find bondage such as this pleasurable; many do not. The bottom line is there is room for both. The BDSM world is a one that can encompass many people. We look forward to helping you with your search.

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The foundation of any relationship within the BDSM community is the total power exchange that occurs.  In every relationship, there is a breakdown of power.  Most realize a 50/50 breakdown or somewhere close to that.  There are some situations where the power lies almost exclusively with one person based upon charisma, personality or some other trait which draws the power.

A BDSM relationship sees an absolute exchange of power.  This is equal for the D/s as it is for the M/s relationship.  When one witnesses a scene, it is easy to see how all the power lies in the hand of the Dom.  The sub submits to Him completely.  All power is in His hands.  When the scene ends, however, the power shift is nullified.

In the M/s relationship, the slave submits to her Master completely.  Here, He has power over her in all areas of life.  The exchange of power does not end.  It is an ongoing situation.  It is a 100% breakdown with the control all in the hands of one person.

How do they relationship succeed with a power distribution like this?  They work because the people involved are fulfilling an inner desire.  A Dom has the built in need to dominate.  At the same time, a sub has the desire to fully serve.  One accepts and likes responsibility; the other would prefer to give it all up.  This is what creates the yin/yang effect.  Both parties compliment each other.  That is why successful relationships are common in the BDSM world.

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