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A slave is a 24/7 lifestyle.  When one submits to her Master, her life is no longer her own.  The concept of a 40 hours work week is gone.  This way of life means that a slave is “on call” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks out of the year.  For her, there is no such thing as a vacation.

It is not uncommon for a slave to have to work a fill time job and then to attend to her Master when she gets home.  Her time, like the rest of her life, is determined by her Master.  If he wants her to handle a project at 11:00 at night, that is the way it is to be.  She cannot offer an excuse of needing to get up early or that she is tired.

Vacations are also a foreign concept to a slave.  While her Master may take her with Him on His travels, it is not a vacation from her responsibilities.  She is still to serve Him the same as if at home.  She cannot alter her ways about her just because they took a trip.  Being a 24/7 slave means exactly that.  Serving her Master is the primary focus of her life.

Of course, an intelligent Master will know when to lighten up some on His slave.  People need time to recharge their batteries.  This is human nature.  The lessons of the slaves in the 1800s shows how the results can be terrible if a slaves well being is not attended to.  Working one to the point of exhaustion is counterproductive.  So, there are times where I tell my slaves to relax and take it easy.  Even though they are to serve me, it is healthy for them to occasionally engage in activities which they enjoy.

So remember the commitment that you are making when you submit to another.  Many like to focus on the “glamorous” aspects of the lifestyle.  However, there is also the realistic side of this way of life.  Enter into it with open eyes.

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