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What part do sexual fantasies play in the M/s relationship? This is an interesting question to consider. I have found that many who are involved in this lifestyle arent here because of the sexual aspect of the relationship. Sure, sex is part of the deal. However, it is not the largest part.

To begin, I noticed that most who seem to be in this lifestyle are people with a high sex drive. I do not know the correlation but that seems to be the pattern. Also, those who are living in the M/s world seem to have vivid imaginations. The fantasies which they develop are varied to say the least.

Masters seem drawn to the fact that all their sexual pleasures will be satisifed. It is one of the benefits of being a Master. Nevertheless, what about the slave’s sexual fantasies? Are they something that a Master seeks to fulfill? This will depend on the individual Master yet I would say that most want their slaves to be happy. Unlike the common misconception, most Masters who live this lifestyle are not the ogres and abusers that they are made out to be. Rather, they are loving and considerate to their slaves. So, it I am aware that one of my slaves has a particular fantasy which she would like fulfilled, I will do My best to make that happen.

Living an alternative lifestyle allows for great freedom. Sexual “deviance” is something that I love about this way of life. The normal line of thinking, especially in the U.S., does not work for Me. I like the flexibility which My choice allows. To me, this is one of the benefits of living in M/s. Thus far, I can say, most of My fantasies were fulfilled.

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