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Most people who end up as slave/subs find that it all starts with their sexual submissiveness. Are you sexually submissive? If this is the case, you may be cut out for entering into this lifestyle. For whatever reason, the sexual arena is the beginning point for uncovering total submissiveness.

Some like to be totally dominated during sex. They like to cede all control to their partner. This includes being told what to do, being called names, and servicing the other person fully. The degree of any of these activites varies with each person. However, the overall tendency is to submit to the other.

Rape fantasies are the best example of one who wants to be taken. Naturally, not all go to this extreme. A milder form of the same idea is one who fantasizes about being taken without warning by someone she consents to. She wants to be used for the other persons pleasure. Notice how the act of being taken is submissive by the fact that the other person is the one who determines when and where. This fantasy can include violence or not depending on the individual’s desire.

So what do these fantasies tell us? They let one know that she desires ceding control, at least in the area of sex. She wants to be taken and thoroughly used by another for his pleasure. This is where her pleasure is derived. Subs who live this lifestyle usually give their entire sexually being to her Dom. This is where He owns her. Of course, many transfer this to other areas of life. The Dom might be in control of what she does with her time. He might reign over how and when she handles the household activities. The possibilities are endless.

So, if you find that you regularly have the feeling of wanting to be taken sexually, you might want to explore your submissiveness. Many have found the only reason they never acted upon it is that they were not with people who were dominant enough. Consider your feelings when you consider being totally defenseless against another; that he can have you any way he wants. Is this something that sounds wonderful to you? This might uncover a totally different life for you.

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What is your favorite toy? This is a commonly asked question on most sex related forums. Of course, the answers one receives vary based upon the nature of the forum. Those that are sex only will find things such as vibrators, bullets. eggs, and dildoes. If the site leans more towards the BDSM world, W/we hear paddles, floggers, or bamboo. What is preferred also differs depending if it is a Master or Dom replying as opposed to a sub/slave.

Personally, My favorite accessory is a riding bat. This is a simple device that is used by those who ride horse. The animal is struck by the rider with this tool to get it to move at a faster pace. In essence, this is how the rider speeds the horse up.

For those unfamilar, it is similar to a riding crop. The difference is that the end has a tongue. This is the part of the tool which slaps the animal. The length of the device can be 18″ to about 30″. For me, I use both a 24″ and 18″ bat. The 24″ gives a nice slap on the back and ass. At the same time, the 18″ is ideal for nipple torture or slapping of the pussy. I find the shorter length offers more control while pinpointing my strikes.

These devices enhance the sexual experience. It is amazing how many women like the slap of the bat against their skin. Done proplerly, this will not cause pain, but rather, awaken the sensation within the body. The stinging will be momentarily heightening her pleasures. I like to hit her repeatedly for a count of five which will give her maximum pleasure without reaching the level of pain.

A word about nipple torture, my experience is that women will either love this or hate it. Even some pain sluts that I have owned find this to be too much. This is a personal matter individual to the person. Test it on her but back off is she doesnt like it. I have yet to find one who “learned” to like it. She either does or does not.

At the end of the day, I believe that you cannot beat the flexibility and uses of a riding bat. It is a simple device available at most stores where equine supplies are sold. Also, one can become adept at it in a short period of time. Finally, the amount of force used on impact make it the ideal device when dealing with one who is pain averse to the one who loves pain. Both can be satisfied with the same accessory.

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