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Doms and subs are following their inner desires. That is what makes the lifestyle so exciting for each of these individuals. The D/s or M/s relationship is predicated upon each person having these desires fulfilled. A sub seeks to provide her Dom with pleasure. At the same time, a Dom desires to control.

The area of sex is the ideal place to see each of these fulfilled. When a couple enters into the realm of bondage, this is where each is satisified at the most primal level. The act of tieing a sub up creates a streak of power within a Dom. This single act puts in the physical form his total control. He instantly knows that He is in control. A sub also knows that her power is completely removed. She has given it all to Him.

Of course, in the D/s or in a M/s scene, the bondage arena usually facilitates the use of safe words. The sub can call the entire scene off if she is uncomfortable. A slave in a relationship typically does not enjoy this same luxury. Her Master is the One who determines how far He is willing to take her based upon His understanding of her limits. In either case, the sub is to be used for her Master’s sexual pleasure. This is the basis of bondage.

How many of you have imaged what it would be like to be tied up and defenseless against another? In talking with many subs/slaves, I find this is one of the most exciting aspects of the sexual relations. To be used sexually hits us at such a primal level. There is little which compares to it.

As always, safety is highest on the list. Yet, once that precaution is honored, there really are few limits that O/one encounters. Biding one in positions which allows her to be used thoroughly is what both parties seek. This is a payoff for entering the BDSM arena. It is a way of life in which sexual experimentation is encouraged. Deviance from the average is the norm for us. The satisfaction is intense.

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