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The BDSM lifesyle is not boring. It takes one’s sexual life to another level. The freedom that is associated with this way of life is inexplainable. Many of us have seen our wildest fantasies come true. My entry into this amounts to living two different lives: my days before bdsm and my days since getting involved. Both are radically different from each other.

I like to tell people that this lifestyle allows one to be provocative. By having this mindset, one will tranform into the image carried in her mind. All that one desired to be is what one can be. The limitations are literally removed in this arena. However, the limits of the social conditioning in the mind still exist. That is something that one should overcome to enjoy the total experience this can offer.

One of my favorite celebrities in the last 25 years is Madonna. Leaving her music aside, I always admired her sense of self. She did what she desired regardless of what others called her. She behaved like a slut because that is what she wanted to do. The extent of her exploits might be magnified by the press, but it is fair to say she didnt seek their approval before she acted. Whatever society said was “proper” did not register with her. Also, I believe she is one of the most provocative figures in the last quarter century. Madonna oozes sexuality.

BDSM gives you the freedom to be as sexually diverse as you desire. So my suggestion is to be provocative. Carry yourself as a sex object. Let sexuality ooze from you like it does Madonna. Accept that you can be like this while fulfilling your inner desire. It will be a life changing experience.

Madonna lived according to her own rules. Create your life in a manner which allows you to do the same thing. This is your right. Of course, there are areas where we need to adhere like at work, etc… However, sex is the one area which we all have the freedom to design something that suits us. So if you want to be a slut, go for it. Does leather interest you? Then go shopping for a new wardrobe. Thinking about entering a bisexual relationship? Go for it and have fun. Do you have that burning desire to serve? Find yourself a Dom to fsatisfy that itch. This is all that is for you. It is your life. Live it as such.

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