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This is an activity that can reall enhance one’s sex life. There are some many ways to add to the BDSM atmosphere and erotic humiliation is a wonderful way for each person’s place to be stressed. A word of caution: if done with the wrong person or in the wrong manner, this can have devastating effects. This is something to be mindful of when straying into this area.

Erotic humiliation is the act of turning someone on by putting that person down. For it to a success, the sub/slave needs to have healthy self esteem. She must be able to take the degradation as part of the scene while not identifying it with herself. Her value does not come from the image carrried but, rather, how well she serves her Dom/Master.

The most basic form of erotic humiliation is name calling. Many subs/slaves enjoy being called slut, whore, cunt, etc… during sex. This enhances their feeling of submissiveness. Some also like to be told how worthless they are and can only be used like a piece of meat. Again, this must be done with someone who is capable of handling the wordplay. There are many who have heard stuff like this their entire lives. To them, it is true; so be careful.

Another way to humiliate is through the acts that are performed. It is common for “watersports” to be used in this manner. Also, a sub/slave may be required to go to the bathroom in front of others as a way to further humiliate her. Public nudity or displays of humiliation seems to work well for many. A submissive person likes to be made to do things she ordinarily would not do. These are a few ideas which will expand her limits.

A Master/Dom can experience a major turn on by feeling the power that comes with the humiliation of another. The slave/sub can also feel the same thing. When used properly, erotic humiliation can stimulate a tremendous amount of sexual excitement. For one to know her man is in control of her is what submissives crave.

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