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Here are the top 10 fantasies that women have:

10. Sex With A Stranger: Women dream about the no strings attached sex with someone they meet on the street.

9. Working As A Prostitute Or Stripper: Show me the money. The fantasy of being picked up and used while receiving a c-note excites many women. Turning a man on by doing an exotic striptease is also high on the list.

8. Being Dominated By A Man: The female instinct to be dominated at the most animalistic level runs in high gear in her fantasy. She wants a man to take control her and use her.

7. Being Filmed: The desire to be admired while performing is exciting to many.

6. Fantasies Involving Romantic Sex: The moonlit beach with a handsome man; sex in front of the fire at a ski lodge-private cabana of course.

5. Group Sex: many different variations are thought about. Commonly women fantasize about mmf or mff. A few take it to the gangbang level.

4. Something You’ve Never Tried Before: a lot of women are in stall relationships and havent tried anything wild. This is something they dream about.

3. Sex with Another Woman: Most women wonder what it is like to be with another woman. This plays out deeper in their fantasies.

2. Sex with a Man Other Than Your Partner: She thinks about your buddies and her co-workers too. Famous people are also a common fantasy. Ever hear of George Clooney?

1. Fantasizing About Your Current Partner: The female species is a loyal bunch when with someone they care for. She will be thinking of you when you arent there.

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