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I recently came across a thread on this forum that talked about captivity as a fantasy. It was incredible the number of women there who found this to be appealing. Therefore, for the benefit of all the readers here I will outline it. Perhaps this is something to bring up with your partner to see her interest. Keep in mind it is best if she is submissive (or he if applicable).

This fantasy is derived from the old kidnapping scenes in old movies. The basic idea is that one is held against her will in a “basement” type (or dungeon) environment. She is completely at the mercy of her captive. They use her in every way while giving her only the basic necessities of life. She has a toilet, something to sleep on, and is given basic food. The concept is that the conditions are far from regal.

This fantasy strikes at a submissives essense. There is complete powerness is a situation such as this. Obviously, for this to occur in reality is a traumatic experience. Yet as a fantasy and scene it can be wonderul. Come up with ways to recreate this in your relationship. Could you take her captive for a weekend? Perhaps set up a room with everything out of it. Make her sleep on the floor will you occassionally use her. Make it as realistic as possible.

As always, discuss the parameters going in. What are the bounds of activity which cannot be crossed? Will others be involved? What is the safe word to call the entire thing off? What steps can she take in case of an emergency? We always promote safety first here. However, after that, enjoy yourself.

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