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Many women have the fantasy of being paid for sex.  See Top 10 Female Fantasies.  This is a taboo which adds excitement to a sexual situation.  Many in the BDSM community use this fantasy as a way to role play the “paid whore” scene.  This could be something which a couple does as a one-on-one or with a group.  It adds increased kinkiness if it does as an orgy scene.

Being used like a piece of meat is a sexual turn on for many submissives.  Role playing as a street prostitute removes all emotional connection to the sexual act.  In this environment, she is wanted only for her holes.  Her ability to pleasure her “John” is the basis for her worth.  The degradation experienced by being reduced to this low level is intense.  It is a wonderful form of erotic humiliation for those who can handle it.

There is a twist on this scene which moves the fantasy deeper: the cheap whore.  This is best done within the confines of group sex.  Here, the sub is used by the others for a ridiculously low price.  For example, she might have to blow all the guys for a quarter apiece.  Be sure to use degrading phrases throughout the entire process.  The goal is to make her feel really cheap.  It is the reducing to a state of almost nothingness.

Have fun with the fantasies.  Try to experience all that you can.  Remember, this lifestyle offers the opportunity to throw off the limits which society previously instilled.  Just do it in a safe manner.

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