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Online World

The Internet really changed the way the BDSM world operates.  This technology really made it possible for the lifestyle to move from an “underground” society to something that is more accepted.  The spread of information has allowed new people to learn about something which was previously not accessible to them.  This is a wonderful benefit of this.

However, there is a drawback to this also.  Many engage in online activities which makes them believe that what they are experiencing is real.  While the Internet is a wonderful tool, it is important to remember that is all it is.  This mechanism allows for one to meet people from all over the world.  Yet, this can never replace the real time contact that is truly what this lifestyle is really about.

What is the Internet beneficial for.

1. It allows one to access to a wider range of ideas and techniques.

2. An online relationship will allow one to learn more about a potential Dom/Master and for a basis for a relationship to form (if both parties are honest).

3. A network of other subs/slaves can be set up to receive guidance from more experienced people.

This is what the online world offer.   Please do not think that it is real.  The step from online to real is vastly different.  I see so many who think that because they were involved online for the past 2 years that they are experienced.  It is not so.  Until you dealt with the day-to-day issues of being with a Dom/Master or the daily interaction with a sub/slave, you really haven’t experienced what this life is all about.  Perhaps there was a glimpse of it.  Yet it is not until the relationship moves into real time that there is truly a BDSM situation.  Short of that, it is more fantasy or role playing.

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Whipped ones

Here are some pics of ones receiving their whippings.

If you like these pics, check out the other pictures in the drop down menu to the right under “Pictures”.

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