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Words are very powerful. They are the basis from which we form all meaning. Whenever we hear something, an image is formed in our mind. For example, think of the word “orange”. As soon as you did that, either the round fruit popped into your head or you visualized something that was the color orange. Either way, the word established what you pictured.

They also can elicit emotion within us. Words can be expressions of love, anger, hatred, fear, or comfort. Again, they are what gives things meaning. In the BDSM world, words can have a powerful impact on a sub/slave. I use them to begin the process of training those that I am involved with. It is helpful for one to begin thinking in terms of the way that I desire her to.

One of the primary methods of training is to separate a slave from her present identity. Naturally, this is not something that can be done completely. A slave performs a variety of roles; some of which cannot be dropped. She might be mom, manager, or employee. These “labels” she will still carry with her. Yet, if we add some other terms to define her, we can see a difference in mindset. How much different an outlook does one have when she is called slut, slave, whore, cunt, or worthless. Repeated use of these terms will begin to allow her to identify with the role she is to take on.

I wrote sometime back about erotic humiliation. Much of this practice is made up of wordplay. The joyful sensation that comes from being demeaned is strong. Words have the power to change not only how we feel, but also how we look at ourselves. Experiment with this practice to see how Your sub/slave responds.

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Submissive Women

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1. You don’t have to worry about gagging from a “deep throat job”

2. You never have to worry about finding the toilet seat up

3. You can fix your own car and get your hair done within the same afternoon

4. Your orgasms are real. Always. And so are hers.

5. You never have to swallow.

6. You never have to worry about facial hair touching you, anywhere.

7. No one cares if you don’t wear a bra.

8. You can wear a dick and use it better than most guys

9. Foreplay is an art

10. You are your own form of birth control

11. Women smell amazing

12. You don’t feel like a piece of meat, when she checks you out

13. You can cuddle without feeling like you have to “put out”

14. You find a woman’s intellect to be sexy

15. You watch porn for entertainment purposes

16. You feel bad for strippers

17. Orgasms are like Cornucopias – they should called the horn of plenty 18. You never have to worry about breaking a nail, because you don’t have any

19. You can pretty much have sex anywhere, at anytime, while flying completely under the radar

20. Sex in public bathrooms is so much easier

21. 69ing is so much more fun (and a lot easier too) Hillbilly

22. I love the smell of a woman

23. I get to do the motor boat in my girlfriend’s fabulous tits every day!

24. I love the emotional availability of a woman

25. I love the nurturing care a woman offers

26. I love watching my girlfriend get ready for a night on the town – watching her get out of the shower naked, put on her perfume, do her makeup

27. I like the feel of a soft pussy over a hard, intrusive penis

28. I love cuddling and feeling my girlfriend’s soft skin

29. I love kissing a woman’s soft lips (yes, both of them – cuz I know that’s what you’re thinking!)

30. I get to have a best friend and a partner all in one

31. I get to wear her clothes and use her make-up!!! Dubbs

32. great nicknames…like carpet muncher

33. sex on a first date…without fear of pregnancy

34. “no man’s ever going to tell ME what to do!”

35. it’s like dating yourself 36. double the wardrobe, double the FUN!

37. WAY less body hair

38. no spooging in your face

39. women taste better

40. especially the vegan ones

41. one word…BOOBIES!!!

42. “we were just switching clothes, officer!”

43. No 2 clits are alike!

44. Women make sexier bedroom noises

45. Lingerie you can BOTH wear!

46. Double headed dildos

47. The ultimate in feminism

48. Chick flicks are just movies in a lesbians house

49. better kisses

50. no scratchy faces

51. you LIKE when she grabs your ass

52. if it really came down to it, you could totally find SOME dude who’d pay to watch you go down on your girlfriend

53. women don’t pass out after orgasms

54. you can do her front ways, back ways, and side ways cuz the wrist moves freer than the hips

55. fingers always fit

56. never having to deal with “morning wood”

57. less farting…which I don’t actually know is true but women do not take pride in it

58. you could call her your “roommate” and it’s ok Paula the Surf Mom

59. premature ejaculation? what IS that?

60. Eating pussy is good for the complexion… it always makes mine pretty rosy any way.

61. The trashman never sees used condoms in your trash when he hauls it away.

62. If you work it right you and your partner never have to buy your own drinks when you go out… all you have to do it make out… the guys in the bar will just keep em coming just so you keep it going.

63. Lesbians know that you can do more with your fingers then send text messages.

64. Somebody will always has a tampon in an emergency

65. And your partner won’t get all embarrassed if you send them to the store to get you some.

66. You are very popular… girls like lesbians, they all want to kiss us….guys like lesbians, they all want to watch movies about us… everybody likes lesbians.

67. Two mommies in the house are always better then one daddy on the golf course

68. You are sure somebody can cook

69. It good to have a partner who has a sense of fashion

Found at www.lesniankamasutra.com

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