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I have found that dealing with the personality challenges among subs can one of the greatest challenges for a Dom. This is evident when inviting another to participate within an existing relationship. It seems that women have a tougher time than men in accepting another into the mix. Even in situations where the sole basis for getting together is sex, this is still true.

There was a situation I encountered in the past where I was dealing with three women. At first I was seeing woman A. She was a sub who loved what I did with her. When I got involved with woman B, woman A was interested in exploring her bi-sexual side. Yet, she did not like something about woman B so she declined to get physical with her. Then I added woman C to the mix. You can see where this is going can’t you? Woman B did not like woman C for some reason. Thus, three bi-sexual women who did not play with each other.

Many think that entering into the BDSM lifestyle is an easy thing. There are many emotions to deal with. The average person is emotionally immature. People, in general, cannot get past the minor nuances that others have. In the above situation, woman A could not tell me why she did not like woman B. And, woman B held a woman C under the microscope of a belief that she had (in other words, judged her). Individuals seem to think that their viewpoints are right. Sadly for them, the reality is that it is just an opinion.

What happened in the end? All three women, A, B, & C, we let go. The immaturity level was too much to deal with. I do not want to take on more headaches by my decision to be involved in this lifestyle. People who are too difficult tend to get put to the curb. Remember this the next time you are rejecting someone over something minor. The One you are with may turn that same judgment on you.

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