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“My real name? It’s Bates. By the way, I’d like you to meet Mother.”

“No, really. Trust me. I saw this work in a movie once.”

“You *said* you could service my pussy…..c’mere, Fluffy.”

“You like my straitjacket? Cool; I’m glad they let me keep it.”

“Phn’glui mgwlnath Cthulu R’lyeh.”

“Oh mighty Azathoth, accept this sacrifice I offer to You….”

“I’m sorry. Are the voices in my head bothering you?”

“Groovy. This crop leaves colored trails in the air when I swing it.”

“Well golly gee! This is more fun than pullin’ the wings off-a butterflies!”

“Dang it, this is more fun than settin’ cats on fire!”

“You don’t need a safeword; I’m psychic. My spirit guides tell me what to do.”

“You don’t need a safeword; it’s groovy. I’ll just watch your mood ring.”

“Oh, um, hi Mom. We were just, um, uh…..”

“I’m not crazy. Yes I am. Shut up, all of you.”

“Um, I forgot – which one of us was supposed to be the dom?”

“Heh heh. Look, Beavis, a tied up naked chick. Now what do we do?”

“I’m not really a mad scientist. I just want to see what happens.”

“I promised no permanent marks, but I bet I can sew that back on.”

“You don’t need a safeword; I’m a True Master. I’ve read ALL the Gor books!”

“Uh oh. I think it’s stuck there.”

“I always keep the speculum in the freezer. It’s more fun that way.”

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