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In previous posts you might have noticed that I have posted pictures and advice about using different things to enhance some of the sensations usually associated with BDSM, many of which involve the sub/slaves tits. This to me is one area where, whilst care should be of the utmost importance, the pleasure recieved far outweighs the pain aspect and I have found that those whom I engage in this type of play all enjoy it, and many ask for more after only a short while


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BDSM is a mix of many different things, Bondage, Power Exchange,
submissiveness,Dominance,Orgasms,Sexual Play  to name just a few off the top of my head, all of these appear in some form or another in a D/s or M/s relationship and whilst I know that whippings and caning are not for everyone, there is no mistaking the fact that spankings, paddling and bondage play a large part in this life,
look on the internet, search the term BDSM and you will see picture after picture, story after story of bondage, pain, humiliation,power exchange,and while every relationship is difference, the basic foundation is within reason the same.
To me bondage and spankings etc  are a part of the lifestyle I enjoy immensely, it forms part of this life that allows me to be who I really am.


0816a93breabond08chair10432pic-1pic-31As you can see, tie a sub/slave, add a slap or two and the posibilities for fun are endless, and it need not be extreme but it does need to be something you both enjoy

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A large part of BDSM is bondage, the tying of a sub or slaves hands, legs, tits even a rope between her legs to tease her pussy, all ways of enhancing the experience that can be achieved and enjoyed, and remember, it need not be elaborate or ‘fancy’ just remember to make sure you do not cut the circulation off for substained lenghts of time


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One of the things many enjoy about BDSM is bondage, it is something most participate in and be it in a mild form or an extreme form a lot of pleasure is recieved from all involved, for the Master/Dom it is a show of power and for the sub/slave it is a reliquishing of that power to the One she trusts, sensations are heightened and the feelings experienced are more intense.For this post I am focusing on the binding of tits, The reason ? To me they are one of the most erotic places a sub/slave can be bound, the placements of the ropes/bindings can and often do have a wonderful feeling for them and this is increased when the ropes are remove, a word of warning though, do not cut off the blood supply to a breast as this can cause long term damage


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This to some is greatly pleasurable, to others it isn’t,  again it just goes to prove that this is not a ‘one size fits all’ lifstyle, and why do I include fisting in BDSM ? Well to be honest I have not heard about any fisting in a vanilla lifestyle although I suspect it does happen but this again is where the lifestyles differ, We feel able to talk about what we enjoy where as in a traditional relationship most things are kept hush hush


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When many think of BDSM they see a strong Dominant Male and a ‘weaker’ ( and that is something I do not believe is accurate at all ) sub, someone they can bully and boss around, How wrong they are. BDSM is not just for strong Men, there is a huge division of people who serve a Female Domme or Mistress,  and the subs are both male and female, again, its a way for many to have release from the pressures and strain of the day and live their lives as they want to without the interferance of society telling them they are wrong to want to serve a female, that they are Men and should be the strong one, the provider, the ‘hunter’.  Being a sub does not make them less of a man, it makes them more of a free man


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Many time you hear me talk about BDSM being something for anyone and everyone, its a way of life that is outside of the ‘norm’ yet can and is adapted to the people involved.

To some people the things that we enjoy are strange, weird and yes even disgusting  but I have found that Pissing on my sub/slave is a great humiliation tool, and if it is done right then it is something both parties enjoy immensly It is another way of power exchange and humiliation, * for more articles about humiliation play please see here *


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