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Old Time BDSM Woman

This woman obviously has been into BDSM for a long time.  She licks to suck cock and have her pussy clamped.  The weights put on the pussy lips and tits over the years is obviously taking its toll.



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Following on from the previous post, here are some more examples of Femdom practices, remember Femdom is the name for being dominated by a Woman no matter what sex the slave/sub is.


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One part of the BDSM lifestyle is Femdom, it is believed that it is mainly women who are submissive, who desire to be ‘controlled’ in one way or another but this is a myth, many men also seek the release from the day to day world and are submissive by nature, they may be company directors or high powered executives or even factory workers but they still want fulfillment in their lives and being a sub or slave to a Mistress is how they achieve it



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