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BDSM is a mix of many different things, Bondage, Power Exchange,
submissiveness,Dominance,Orgasms,Sexual Play  to name just a few off the top of my head, all of these appear in some form or another in a D/s or M/s relationship and whilst I know that whippings and caning are not for everyone, there is no mistaking the fact that spankings, paddling and bondage play a large part in this life,
look on the internet, search the term BDSM and you will see picture after picture, story after story of bondage, pain, humiliation,power exchange,and while every relationship is difference, the basic foundation is within reason the same.
To me bondage and spankings etc  are a part of the lifestyle I enjoy immensely, it forms part of this life that allows me to be who I really am.


0816a93breabond08chair10432pic-1pic-31As you can see, tie a sub/slave, add a slap or two and the posibilities for fun are endless, and it need not be extreme but it does need to be something you both enjoy

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