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BDSM is the alternative lifestyle for men and women alike, there is a ‘Dominant’ and a ‘submissive’, moving further into the life this can change to a ‘Master’ or ‘Mistress’ and a ‘slave’, these are just words but they depict parts of the life that many crave and desire. The general theory is that the ‘Dom’ is male and the ‘sub’ is female, however this is not always the case and many men wish to be dominated and controlled and they are ‘owned’ by a Mistress, their main concern is Her pleasure.

Part of a ‘Femdom’ relationship can be CBT, this is Cock and Ball Torture, and by that I don’t mean abusive torture but pleasurable torture, the same as in the bondage play with tit torture and whippings etc, many find this fulfilling and a highly sexual experience. As with all parts of BDSM care needs to be taken and knowing your sub and their limits is essential to make this a highly enjoyable experience for you both


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