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In recent posts we have been looking at parts of BDSM that go together to make this life the exciting, fullfilling one that many have come to expect and enjoy, in this post I am going to look at WAX PLAY. This is something that really adds to the enjoyment and sensations that are felt by a sub/slave, but as with all things, care must be taken as there are many things that can go wrong to spoil the play, especially if you are inexperienced and go rushing straight into things with not even a basic understanding, knowledge is essential in this form of play just as it is in 90% of all BDSM fetishes and play. For advice on WAX PLAY please see here ( and if you want a laugh while still on the subject of wax play, then this is a good read here ) As with all aspects of BDSM, watch your sub/slave carefully, know when things are not good for her/him and adjust things or stop accordingly but most of all, Have Fun


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