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BDSM as we have discussed is many things to many people, I have heard it said that the feeling of being bound is a feeling of complete surrender, to many this wil make no sense, but to those who live or practice this lifestyle it makes perfect sense, the feeling of total submission when you are bound is something nothing else can compare to, and the feeling of power and control a Dom or Master has over another again is something that is very hard to repeat in a vanilla life with out being abusive, and regardless of what some people say, BDSM is NOT about abuse and violence, it is about submission and the ability of a Dom or Master to care and protect those they own at all time.

A sub or slave when bound and tied is an erotic sight, and if tied properly then she is ‘helpless’ to resist any demand her Dom/Master makes of her, yet once again I feel I must mention safety is important and knowing your sub/slave is imperitive as some can panic or fight against the bonds if they feel threatened, this is where your knowledge if those you own is imperitive, watch their faces, know their body language, listen to their safe words at all time


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