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As we know bondage is a part of BDSM that is widely used by nearly all who practise this, the tying of the bonds is up to each individual and there are many many different ways to tie a sub/slave. One of the most commanly used ways is the “Frog Tie”
The frogtie is a position where a sub/slaves legs are bound ankle-to-thigh, very similar to a crouched frog. The wrists on each side are often tied to the wrist/thigh combination on their respective sides.
This way of tying a sub/slace then places them in a position where they are vulnerable but not completely immobilised and they can still move about, granted it might be in a very awkward crawling motion. The frogtie, with the sub/slave tied like this a restrictive sex position as they are open for the Dom/Masters pleasure, or as a basis for more bondage.


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