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As stated in the previous article, BDSM has been around for centuries and whilst I don’t know for fact whether Femdom has been around that long, it has been shown that the sub section of BDSM, that is femdom, has been around since at least the victorian times, the desire for men to be dominated by women is nothing new and as with all aspects of BDSM as we know it, it has evolved into something that no longer has to be kept hidden away, it is something many are now embrassing as their way of life, just as the whole BDSM scene is now more widely recognised so is Femdom and the male subs and slaves


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Much is said about BDSM, and how it is something that many are now realising is what they enjoy and what they like to have as part of their lives, from a simple spanking during sex to the more extreme whips and floggers, but did you realise that BDSM in one form or another has been around for centuries, that we are in fact just building on ideas started in the Roman times and taken from there in how it has been built into a life style for us today.
BDSM and the D/s M/s relationships are nothing new, the basic principles are within reason the same as they always have been, the submission to a higher authority, the serving of One, all of which form apart of this life, all we have done is moved it on a bit further and who knows, in years to come it could have been moved further still, I for one look forward to seeing how it evolves.


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If you look at BDSM and all of the things that make up the various different parts of it then I have a feeling a few things will happen #1 You will spend so much time researching there will be no time for fun #2 You will find so many conflicting theories and differeing advice your head will spin #3 You will find something that appeals to you but not to your sub/slave #4 You will end up confusing yourself so much you will not know whaich way is up or which way is down.
To save you some of the work I have taken a few snippets of BDSM and given you MY opinion and I have taken some of the ‘tools’ used and given you My opinions and views
This time I am looking at GAGS, this is something I personally like, * if only to stop my slaves from talking for a few minutes ! * There are many types of gags, and in the absence of a brought gag then ribbon, rope, and even duct tape will work * be careful removing duct tape and make sure you do NOT cover the nostrils * The following pictures show a few of the different types, the ball gag being the favorite and used by many There are many types of gags, they range from a bar type to a full face mask, some of them have wires to hold the mouth open, these are more useful in the engaging of oral sex, but no matter what type of gag or device you use, caution at all time and make sure your sub/slave is comfortable with what is happening to them and remember to watch their body language, this is more important than ever when using a gag as they will not be able to use their safe word.


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