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Don’t be fooled by the title, there is not much in BDSM that is forbidden, it is up to the concerned people which parts they do or do not engage in, what I am talking about is the ASS.

For some reason, many Doms/Masters regard the sub/slaves ass as the final act of submission, and very often even when they are lent to others or played with in a scene, the ass is the place that is offlimits to all but their Owner, this to many is the one place that belongs soley to their Dom or Master.

There are many toys that can be used in ass play, an ass hook is a wonderful thing, a butt plug, in various sizes, and even the novelty ones with pony tails, all can add to the scene. As a punishment device, a butt plug can be worn undetected under clothes and it serves as a constant reminder of a mis-dead or a wrong doing. The use of the crop or paddle across an ass is something many know, but take things one step further, experiment and enjoy yourselves remembering to always be aware of your sub or slave, safety is just as important in this as in all parts of BDSM

Now as with all other areas of BDSM, this is not a ‘rule’ there are no hard an fast guide lines regarding this, but it has been my experience that more and more are thinking along these lines, the ass of a sub or slave is the final submission to their Master, whether it dates back to times when anal sex was yet another act to be frowned upon I do not know, all I know is that anal sex is a wonderful way to enjoy my slave and if that is followed by ass to mouth, then that is a fantasy that many men wish they could engage in.

BDMS is all about sexual fantasy, about living your life as you wish and doing as you want to when you want to, anal sex is not taboo in this life, it is something to enjoy and gain pleasure from


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