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One thing I have noticed while living the BDSM life is the preferences of all Masters and Doms are vast and varied, this can range from how they contol their property, and I have written many articles on this, to their sexual preferences, whether they like the more hard core aspect of BDSM or the softer side, spanking or no spanking, as I have said many times, this is not a one size fits all lifestyle and this is evident the more you meet other people and se how they go about their lives within the BDSM realm.

One thing I have noticed, and lets face it, I am a man and therefore would notice this, is how people differ in how they like their subs or slaves to be kept with regard to their pussies. Some like smooth and shaved, waxed or even electrolosis have been known to be used, others like neatly trimmed and then others still like the hairy natural look * this is my preference*. This to me is yet one more way that BDSM allows us to live our lives and explore our sexual prefrences with out having to wonder what people will say.

No matter how you like your pussy, as long as you are both happy, then all I can say is enjoy and have fun, after all that is one of the reasons we live our lives this way.


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