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Having touched briefly on wax play, I have decided to revisit this particular activity in the hope to clear up some misconceptions that judging by the emails I have received some people seem to have.
Wax play is NOT about hurting your sub or slave and it is NOT about covering her or his entire body in wax, and it most defiantly is NOT about trying to burn them, it is about erotic foreplay, it is another dimension added to enhance the submission and trust between the Master or Dom and those He/She owns.
When done right, the dripping of wax on a persons body should not actually ‘burn’ them, it will heighten the sense of her body, it will bring attention to that particular area of her body, her skin will feel warm/hot and her mind will focus on the pleasure she is feeling, cooling that area with an ice cube either before or after then the feelings will intensify.
There are many articles describing wax play and its benefits and also the things to watch out for, if you are new to this type of play then I suggest starting on the hand or feet, these areas tend to be ‘tougher’ and therefore less likely to be burnt but at the same time they will allow practice so that you both are comfortable to move forward to another part of the body. The face is an area to avoid until you are both well practiced.
As with all things associated with BDSM and its different forms of play, take care to watch your sub/slave so you know instantly if she is experiencing any discomfort and react accordingly so this is a pleasurable experience for you both, and most of all have fun


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