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This lifestyle is something that can allow you to step away from the ‘norm’ in so many ways and one of those way is by being POLY – owning multiple slaves. Now those outside of this life can quite often think that being poly is just a way of not committing to any one person, being a ‘player’ and just adding a different label to it, nothing could be further from the truth ! The pressure on a poly Master is intense, owning multiple slaves is something that involves a lot of work and time, patience and understanding, as I have said many times each slave/sub is different and as such they all need different things, and the way they serve me is different as well, some are house slaves and responsible for my well being and some could be pleasure slaves, their role is in pleasing me, but they could also be expected to move into another part of my life as they progress and grow, there value to me is unique to them, and they are not compared to each other as that is something I do not believe in, no one slave is more important to me than another, they might serve me in different areas but they are still valued as the individual slave they are.
One thing I have noticed is that many poly Doms and Masters like to involve multiple slaves in sexual play occasionally, again in the vanilla life this is every mans dream, two women pleasing a man * or vice versa in the case of Femdom* but this can also be a minefield if not done correctly, always allowing one to be treated to your cock while another looks on is not something I would recommend ever as this will lead to jealousy and issues of self worth, also if a hitherto slave is ‘straight’ expecting her to always lick another’s pussy can lead to problems as well, a bi sexual slave will not mind this but again if that is all she is getting then she will start to wonder and doubt herself, not something a Dom or Master should be trying to install into them. Being poly is not just having lots of slaves waiting to do your bidding, it is also something that can have adverse effects on people if it is not done with the care and thought that the slaves deserve


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