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Part of BDSM that appeals to many people is the BONDAGE aspect, the tying of a sub or slave during a scene can enhance the feelings of submission, it can leave the slave in a position of total submission and from a Masters point it can leave her/his body available to you to use with little or no resistance * however tying a slave is not an excuse to abuse her without her fighting back, abuse is not the aim when partaking in bondage, abuse is something the BDSM community does not look kindly on, whether you are a new or old Master or Dom *
When you have decided to tie your sub or slave the next question is where and how, again this is something that differs from person to person, but I would like to give a few hints and tips, There are many places that cater to bondage frames, and if you have a spare few thousand in the bank then these are wonderful things to use, but please remember, space is a must as well as a big bank balance, a frame is not really something you can sore under the bed, and if it is then the 90 minutes it would take to erect before a scene take some of the spontaneity from play times.
Look around your garage, do you have a work bench ? This could be used, in the bed room, does your bed have a headboard and a foot board ? Is it a metal framed bed ? What about a dining table ? Maybe a sturdy coffee table ? A chair ? The point I am making is that most types of furniture can be used if it is sturdy and of a size that allows the sub or slave to be somewhat comfortable and safe from falling,
Look around your house and garage, you will be surprised at what is lying around your house and experiment, but most of all have fun and stay safe


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