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Looking back at previous post, I have touched on the subject of bound tits, femdom and the CBT that can go with that, so today I thought I would take a brief look at pussy play.

As you know one of the most erotic and sensitive parts of a woman’s body is her pussy, and there are many ways to heighten the sensations and feelings to this part of her, and if you are the owner of a pain slut then the various ways can involve more extreme measures but that is something for the Master and slave to experiment with until they reach a comfortable limit which pleases them both.

For those new to pussy play I like to start off with clothes pegs, these are cheap and easily available and they have a ‘bite’ but are not as intense as the metal clamps available. Once the sub/slave is used to these then you can move on to other things, wax for example is another good one, see my tips and guide here for more on this subject.

The only limit to the BDSM life is your limits, and each is different, as with all things, safety is important and knowing your sub or slave is a must, let them guide you as to what they like, this is not a sign of weakness but a sign of a good Dom/Master

Have fun and enjoy all that this life can offer you


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A modern female William Jones belt with an aty...
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We have looked at things that enhance sexual play within the BDSM life but what about tings that prevent sex ? By this I mean a sub or slave can still please their owner but receive no pleasure themselves, maybe this is due to a punishment, or a training exercise or indeed because they might not have earnt the right to orgasm yet but what ever the reason I am seeing more and more chastity belts available on the market and some of them are actually quite attractive.
If you look up chastity belt in the dictionary the definition is …. chastity belt noun [C]
a device that some women were forced to wear in the past to prevent them from having sex. It had a part that went between the woman’s legs and a lock so that it could not be removed.
The key is usually kept by the Master and the device removed when He deems the time is right, they are not usually kept on for more than the play period but as they do not interfere with urinating then they can be left on for longer periods of time if needed
Below are some examples of ones I have found, hope you like the look of them , who knows, with a bit of imagination you might find you are investing in one for your sub or slave whether they are male or female


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