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Wax play is something that many talk about, and few seem to do, this is always a mystery to me as to why, as when it is done correctly it is a wonderful addition to foreplay and indeed it has many deeper meanings as well, I mean who in their right mind will lay still and let another person drip hot wax all over them if they do not 100% trust them, it can be seen as another step into total submission * this does not mean however that if you don’t like wax play you are not submissive, as I say all the time, this life is one that allows you to fit it to your specific needs and desires *
The benefits of wax play are mainly for the sub/slave admittedly but at the same time it is something that is just one more added attraction to the BDSM lifestyle, the infliction of controlled pain.
If you hold a flame to your hand you will burn yourself, so why should you think that dripping hot wax on someone will not do the same? The secret is in the type of candle used, the distance you hold the candle from the body, and the area you are dripping the wax onto. There are many sensitive parts on a body, for my purpose I will be referring to a female body, the nipples, the pussy and the navel are amongst the main ones, and if you pour hot wax on any of those areas chances are your sub or slave will be off the table/floor and swearing up a blue storm at the pain of it. The idea is to hold the candle above the body, and slowly drip the melted wax onto their body, if dripped from a distance of say 12-15 inches the wax has time to cool a bit before it hits the skin, thus not burning but leaving a warm feeling, this is especially good for those new to this play. For extra fun ice can be used to ‘numb’ the area you are playing with both before and after, the combination of hot and cold is exhilarating.
If you are new to wax play, try it on yourself first, learn what works for you and then you can move onto your sub or slave, take care when first entering this part of play, it is something that can bring a lot of pleasure but if not done right a lot of pain as well for more advice please read here


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