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As readers of this blog know I love to see pictures of real people doing real things in terms of BDSM. To me there is nothing more erotic than to know that, while the professional pictures get the ideas across about how exciting this lifestyle is, it is the real people actually practicing things they see online that make it real.

I have found a great site that shows some of those pictures and I am enjoying looking at them and in some cases adapting their ideas to my own life and sexual practices, much to the enjoyment of my slave and sub !!!

Take a look and see for yourself real people practicing their kink !! [url=http://www.newbienudes.com/?ref=z2371489]Nude Amateurs.[/url]

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A BDSM-style collar that buckles in the back.
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In the BDSM lifestyle many people like to either give or receive a sign of ownership, for many subs/slaves it is the acknowledgement of belonging to a certain person, it tells others that they are spoken for and any interaction is to be at the agreement of their owner. In many M/s or D/s relationships a collar is given in much the same way as a ring is given in a vanilla relationship.

Some Doms or Masters only use a collar during a scene whilst others require their property to wear a collar 24/7 while having a different one for play time. The term collar is sometimes misleading, it is usually a collar that is worn around the neck, however it can also be a bracelet or a anklet, or a simple chain that is worn, what is important to many is that it is a sign for them that they are owned, but as so many work outside of the home, wearing a dog collar with slave or slut printed on it if you are a lawyer or a checkout assistant can cause some strange looks and conversations.

The collar is another way that many engage in humiliation with their sub or slave, leading them around the street on a lead is bound to lower their self esteem.

No matter what your opinion is on collars it is just another way that each can adapt the BDSM life to their needs, some subs or slaves feel they need to be collared and some know who they serve without the need for a collar, the same is true for Doms or Masters, some like to give them and some do not, its up to the individual as so much of this life is


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We have looked at so many different parts of BDSM, groups, anal,femdom,spanking,bondage, the list is endless, but we have only briefly mentioned public BDSM.

This is another part of BDSM that can be said to be a the more extreme side of it, to take a sub out in public and give them to a stranger to use, its not something everyone can do and to be honest in todays society it is something that needs to be done with extreme care and consideration. That said there is something very erotic about leading your slave around the street with a collar and leash and with her ass hanging out.

There is not much mentioned on the internet about this practice, whether it is because it is a fetish not many partake in or whether its because its not that common I don’t know, but I do know it is something I personally find very erotic and such a turn on. a point to remember is that in most states this is illegal and you risk being thrown in jail if you are caught, telling them its ok as she is your slave is not a good idea either.

If this is something that you are interested in taking into your relationship then I would like to stress to take caution and be aware of what is happening around you, it might be something that you can look like tremendous fun but if you are not careful things can turn bad very quickly and it is your job as he Dom or Master to protect your property

This is also something that is used in Erotic Humiliation, click HERE to get your copy of my latest book, this is proving to be a subject many are interested in and its selling fast.


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The collar in BDSM means so many things, it can be a sign of ownership * although I must point out that not every Master or Dom will collar their property, some do not believe in this ceremony*, it can be a leash for those who like to lead their property around, it can be the signal that a scene is going to unfold, especially if it is in a public munch setting and it can be used as a ‘holding’ point for chains,ropes or leashes.

There are so many different types of collars on the market I am not even going to try to list them all, they range from steel ones which cannot be removed to dog collars, but they all in essence do the same job, they all provide the use they are intended for.

Whether you believe in collaring your property or not, in my opinion it is one of those ‘must haves’ for the toy box, it has so many uses. Points to remember though, do not have the collar too tight, most slaves and subs do not look good with blue faces, some are allergic to certain materials, make sure the sub/slave is not allergic to the collar and if you pull on it, try not to jerk it too hard, whiplash can occur if you are too rough and suddenly jerk hard on the collar, Enjoy


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One aspect of BDSM is the clothing, how humiliation it can be for a sub/slave to be dressed as a whore and made to go out in public dressed like that, or to make a male sub/slave dress as a woman and go and do the shopping etc, this is one way that clothing is effective in BDSM, another way is fetish wear.

To some the wearing of rubber, latex,corsets,no underwear, harnesses etc are as much a part of their style of BDSM as anal sex or spankings are to others, the diversity and wide range of differences are very noticable in BDSM yet they all seem to mix well together.

No matter what your preference is, enjoy your life, make it work for you all and you will find it is something many dream of but few achieve


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BDSM as we have discussed is many things to many people, I have heard it said that the feeling of being bound is a feeling of complete surrender, to many this wil make no sense, but to those who live or practice this lifestyle it makes perfect sense, the feeling of total submission when you are bound is something nothing else can compare to, and the feeling of power and control a Dom or Master has over another again is something that is very hard to repeat in a vanilla life with out being abusive, and regardless of what some people say, BDSM is NOT about abuse and violence, it is about submission and the ability of a Dom or Master to care and protect those they own at all time.

A sub or slave when bound and tied is an erotic sight, and if tied properly then she is ‘helpless’ to resist any demand her Dom/Master makes of her, yet once again I feel I must mention safety is important and knowing your sub/slave is imperitive as some can panic or fight against the bonds if they feel threatened, this is where your knowledge if those you own is imperitive, watch their faces, know their body language, listen to their safe words at all time


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A large part of BDSM is bondage, the tying of a sub or slaves hands, legs, tits even a rope between her legs to tease her pussy, all ways of enhancing the experience that can be achieved and enjoyed, and remember, it need not be elaborate or ‘fancy’ just remember to make sure you do not cut the circulation off for substained lenghts of time


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