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The popular answer would be sex, sex, and more sex. This would be offered by some of those pretenders who seem to stroll into our gathering places looking for a quickie hookup. Obviously, there is a lot more to this lifestyle than that. Anyone who seeks to be an effective Master will need to ensure His slave is being fulfilled in all three areas. Slaves want direction, discipline, and service.

A Master needs to provide direction for a slave’s life. This is different than giving directions. Any fool can bark out orders. That is not leadership. Providing direction entails creating a series of goals for a slave to work for. Through the achievement of these milestones she will grow to be able to handle more responsibility. The Master lays out a path for her to follow which will result in an increased sense of purpose.

Discipline is another area that one initially misunderstands. This is a far greater topic than just punishments. They are a tool utilized to mold behavior. Discipline is the inner ability to do things in a timely manner and in the fashion set out. A Master needs to teach His slave to be disciplined in all aspects of her life. She will learn things such as attention to detail, effective planning, commitment to results, and self sufficiency. A well trained slave operates at a high level in terms of the tasks she handles without continual input from her Master. She has the discipline to get things done on her own. This is what increases her value.

The final area that a slave needs to be fulfilled is in service. This is an inbred desire of slaves. It is my observation why they get into this lifestyle. A Master needs to allow His slaves to serve Him. This seems pretty obvious. Again, what separates effective Masters from the pretenders is the level of service a slave provides. Continually having a slave handle menial tasks is not effective. An effective Master needs to look at the skills and abilities of His slave to see where she is most productive. Also, over time, a Master needs to enhance those skills so that His slave will expand her capabilities. Cleaning the bathroom will have a degree of satisfaction. However, imagine how good Your slave would feel if she was able to handle Your entire schedule. In this instance, her level of service is at a higher level.

So pay attention to the progress of Your slave. Ensure that her abilities are being used to the maximum. An effective Master will continually push His slave to grow. This is one of the major factors which will provide long term success in the M/s relationship.

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