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As readers of this blog know I love to see pictures of real people doing real things in terms of BDSM. To me there is nothing more erotic than to know that, while the professional pictures get the ideas across about how exciting this lifestyle is, it is the real people actually practicing things they see online that make it real.

I have found a great site that shows some of those pictures and I am enjoying looking at them and in some cases adapting their ideas to my own life and sexual practices, much to the enjoyment of my slave and sub !!!

Take a look and see for yourself real people practicing their kink !! [url=http://www.newbienudes.com/?ref=z2371489]Nude Amateurs.[/url]

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I am a great fan of tied tits, in fact anything to do with playing with tits gets my approval * provided it is something enjoyable to both of us*. I have heard many times that someone cannot tie or bind their sub/slaves tits because they are too small, well with a bit of imagination and adaptation I am sure there will be a way you can that will be pleasurable to you both.

I love to place clothes pegs/clamps/mousetraps/chains and various other implements onto my slaves tits, the look on her face at the first ‘bite’ tells me she loves it as well, in fact she is the one who usually ends up begging me for more, add to the play time a crop or switch and starting gently tap the nipples and you will end up with a slave writhing as much as she can wanting more.

A word of warning though – the nipples are sensative, full of nerves so when tying them take care to not leave the ropes/clips/pegs etc on for too long as you could cause damage, and this is something we want to aviod !


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We have touched on the humiliation aspect of BDSM, how some really enjoy this and as long as steps are taken to ensure the safety * mental more than physical * then it can be an enriching experience for those involved.

Another way to humiliate a sub/slave is to write on thm, slogans such as ‘cum slut’ and ‘whore for use’ really do demean a slave, especially if it is seen by more than her Master, lipstick is one way to write on them, it removes easily for when the scene is over, or for a more perminant reminder a perminant marker is harder to remove, and placing the writing where she cannot reach it * on her back and ass for example * makes it even harder. The words used can be general sexual terms or more personal, however you wish to write on your property it can be something that take the humiliation one step further.


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Much is said about BDSM, and how it is something that many are now realising is what they enjoy and what they like to have as part of their lives, from a simple spanking during sex to the more extreme whips and floggers, but did you realise that BDSM in one form or another has been around for centuries, that we are in fact just building on ideas started in the Roman times and taken from there in how it has been built into a life style for us today.
BDSM and the D/s M/s relationships are nothing new, the basic principles are within reason the same as they always have been, the submission to a higher authority, the serving of One, all of which form apart of this life, all we have done is moved it on a bit further and who knows, in years to come it could have been moved further still, I for one look forward to seeing how it evolves.


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Fisting is another sexual act that many enjoy, here are a few examples of women being fisted


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