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Don’t be fooled by the title, there is not much in BDSM that is forbidden, it is up to the concerned people which parts they do or do not engage in, what I am talking about is the ASS.

For some reason, many Doms/Masters regard the sub/slaves ass as the final act of submission, and very often even when they are lent to others or played with in a scene, the ass is the place that is offlimits to all but their Owner, this to many is the one place that belongs soley to their Dom or Master.

There are many toys that can be used in ass play, an ass hook is a wonderful thing, a butt plug, in various sizes, and even the novelty ones with pony tails, all can add to the scene. As a punishment device, a butt plug can be worn undetected under clothes and it serves as a constant reminder of a mis-dead or a wrong doing. The use of the crop or paddle across an ass is something many know, but take things one step further, experiment and enjoy yourselves remembering to always be aware of your sub or slave, safety is just as important in this as in all parts of BDSM

Now as with all other areas of BDSM, this is not a ‘rule’ there are no hard an fast guide lines regarding this, but it has been my experience that more and more are thinking along these lines, the ass of a sub or slave is the final submission to their Master, whether it dates back to times when anal sex was yet another act to be frowned upon I do not know, all I know is that anal sex is a wonderful way to enjoy my slave and if that is followed by ass to mouth, then that is a fantasy that many men wish they could engage in.

BDMS is all about sexual fantasy, about living your life as you wish and doing as you want to when you want to, anal sex is not taboo in this life, it is something to enjoy and gain pleasure from


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This to some is greatly pleasurable, to others it isn’t,  again it just goes to prove that this is not a ‘one size fits all’ lifstyle, and why do I include fisting in BDSM ? Well to be honest I have not heard about any fisting in a vanilla lifestyle although I suspect it does happen but this again is where the lifestyles differ, We feel able to talk about what we enjoy where as in a traditional relationship most things are kept hush hush


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Many women have the fantasy of being paid for sex.  See Top 10 Female Fantasies.  This is a taboo which adds excitement to a sexual situation.  Many in the BDSM community use this fantasy as a way to role play the “paid whore” scene.  This could be something which a couple does as a one-on-one or with a group.  It adds increased kinkiness if it does as an orgy scene.

Being used like a piece of meat is a sexual turn on for many submissives.  Role playing as a street prostitute removes all emotional connection to the sexual act.  In this environment, she is wanted only for her holes.  Her ability to pleasure her “John” is the basis for her worth.  The degradation experienced by being reduced to this low level is intense.  It is a wonderful form of erotic humiliation for those who can handle it.

There is a twist on this scene which moves the fantasy deeper: the cheap whore.  This is best done within the confines of group sex.  Here, the sub is used by the others for a ridiculously low price.  For example, she might have to blow all the guys for a quarter apiece.  Be sure to use degrading phrases throughout the entire process.  The goal is to make her feel really cheap.  It is the reducing to a state of almost nothingness.

Have fun with the fantasies.  Try to experience all that you can.  Remember, this lifestyle offers the opportunity to throw off the limits which society previously instilled.  Just do it in a safe manner.

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What is your favorite toy? This is a commonly asked question on most sex related forums. Of course, the answers one receives vary based upon the nature of the forum. Those that are sex only will find things such as vibrators, bullets. eggs, and dildoes. If the site leans more towards the BDSM world, W/we hear paddles, floggers, or bamboo. What is preferred also differs depending if it is a Master or Dom replying as opposed to a sub/slave.

Personally, My favorite accessory is a riding bat. This is a simple device that is used by those who ride horse. The animal is struck by the rider with this tool to get it to move at a faster pace. In essence, this is how the rider speeds the horse up.

For those unfamilar, it is similar to a riding crop. The difference is that the end has a tongue. This is the part of the tool which slaps the animal. The length of the device can be 18″ to about 30″. For me, I use both a 24″ and 18″ bat. The 24″ gives a nice slap on the back and ass. At the same time, the 18″ is ideal for nipple torture or slapping of the pussy. I find the shorter length offers more control while pinpointing my strikes.

These devices enhance the sexual experience. It is amazing how many women like the slap of the bat against their skin. Done proplerly, this will not cause pain, but rather, awaken the sensation within the body. The stinging will be momentarily heightening her pleasures. I like to hit her repeatedly for a count of five which will give her maximum pleasure without reaching the level of pain.

A word about nipple torture, my experience is that women will either love this or hate it. Even some pain sluts that I have owned find this to be too much. This is a personal matter individual to the person. Test it on her but back off is she doesnt like it. I have yet to find one who “learned” to like it. She either does or does not.

At the end of the day, I believe that you cannot beat the flexibility and uses of a riding bat. It is a simple device available at most stores where equine supplies are sold. Also, one can become adept at it in a short period of time. Finally, the amount of force used on impact make it the ideal device when dealing with one who is pain averse to the one who loves pain. Both can be satisfied with the same accessory.

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The key part of the M/s relationship is that it is a relationship. That being said, for one to be successful, many of the same qualities that make other types of relationships work is present. One of the vital components is maturity. Some people simply are not mature enough to handle the responsibility that goes a long with a relationship.

We have all seen those people who we know do not belong in a relationship. He or she simply is not mature enough to handle it. Watching these types of people reminds us of watching children. The interaction in many ways is similar. They are so fearful that they need to try to get what they want. The concept of give and take is not there.

How does this pertain to the M/s lifestyle? Similarly, it takes a certain amount of maturity to be able to maintain a successful M/s relationship. A person needs to first have worked on himself or herself before venturing into this lifestlyle. If not, that person will typically flee at the first sign of conflict. Or they will become defiant and hostile (remember the child). This is how the immature handle conflict and interpersonal interaction. It is the immature way of doing things.

For a M/s relationship to be successful, each party needs to be able to handle the responsibility that their “role” offers. Masters needs to have the maturity to lead and guide the relationship. Do You have a vision for what it will look like? Part of maturity is being able to look ahead. On the slave side, have you invested the necessary effort to developing your esteem and worth? If not, can you take some criticism without processing that to mean you are worthless? Often, I see people try to interact with others while not being able to do this.

So how does O/one become more mature? The only answer I can give is to “grow up” and stop acting like a child. Everything is not going to go our way. This is a reality of life. Even Master will be disappointed by slaves periodically. Nobody is perfect which leads to mistakes. A mistake is not the end of the world. It is something that can be overcome. Nevertheless, if Y/you find that the O/one you are dealing with cannot get past this, perhaps it is time to reconsider who Y/you are dealing with. This might indicate that person’s lack of maturity.

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