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When you see pictures on the internet of BDSM activities, what do you see ? Well I have found that most of the ‘models’ used, and yes at least 80% of them are models, are all young, beautiful,slender, you know, the ‘fantasy girl’ most men think about, but is this real ? Are all subs/slaves like this ? Well I hate to burst your bubble, but the answer is NO, they are not. Subs or slaves are normal people, they have flaws just as we do, the come in all sizes with a whole manner of likes and dislikes and they are REAL, that is the difference, after the photos or videos are finished most of these people in the shoot go home and put their feet up, have a meal waiting for them and chill out for the evening, this is not the BDSM way, there are no lights, camera, action shouts, this is real life and as such it involves real people, people such as the following…..Remember the pictures look hot, the ladies look hot and the men all look fit, but they are not real, this is something many need to remember when starting on the journey into this life, the wish of both the Master and His property is to find a relationship that lasts the test of time, and time is something no one can avoid, we all get older, we all change and it is the test of the BDSM life when we change with this. Just as a Dom or Master will age, so will the sub or slave, and unfortunatly I have yet to meet a 19yr old who loves this lifestyle and wants to be with a 90 yr old Dom,


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